Being able help others, is truly a gift from God itself. Not everyone is given the opportunity to help others. So, if you are ever in a situation that you feel, you could be use of to others, then you should actually grab at such an opportunity. Because after all what goes around comes around! By helping others you are actually helping yourself in terms of character and also your help may come back to you in time of need.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Be vigilant of your surrounding

Sometimes the person who needs the most help will be your on neighbour or a relative. They may not be persons to actually pin point their needs or times that they are in difficulty, but with careful scrutiny of your surroundings you will be able to identify the persons who actually need your help. Most of the people often shy to express their poverty or neediness. And it is our responsibility to look for opportunities to help. We should be vigilant of those around us and identify the signs that point towards difficulty in family.

Sign-up with foundations and charity organizations

There are many foundations and charity organizations that are doing excellent work. If you don’t have the time you can simply donate to such organizations and who will ensure that your money reaches the most deserving. Like that organization of  Bashir Dawood who spend in the way of making better medical facilities available to everyone in Pakistan regardless of caste, colour, religion and ethnicity. By donating out to such organizations you will actually be helping people across the borders!

Be empathetic

Empathy is something that most people lack. We are ready to sympathize but most of us are not ready to empathize with those in a difficult situation. Unless we are able to understand the position of others from their shoes we will not be able to help others as much as would like to. Therefore, always try to understand another person’s difficulty by getting into their shoes. Helping others doesn’t always men monetary help, in some instance, simply listening to what the person has to say will be the biggest help you are doing that person.


There are emergencies that occur all around the world most often without warning. Whether it is a natural disaster or a war situation or an accidental situation, you can help in your own way by both visiting the site and providing aid or you could even donate to any of the emergency camps that will be set-up who will be able to do a better job in proper distribution.

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