Unlike in today’s casinos and poker rooms, back in the day the cards were not dealt by professional dealers and as a result the few players who knew how to cheat their way to a win would always win. This situation changed with the involvement of the professional dealer who makes sure that no under the table business is going on during the handling of the pack so that none of the players gains an unfair advantage. This however hasn’t stopped the cheater community from discovering new and improved methods of turning the tables in their favor. Here are three such methods of cheating at poker.

Marking of cards

Marking is done to alter the appearance or nature of a card so that only the cheater will know about the part of the playing deck on which the alteration has been done and hence can select or avoid the cheating poker cards at their will. A Juiced Deck is a pre-marked pack which will be used for a game in a domestic game of poker. Also, the outer surface of the cards can be altered by letting them fade in the sun or by scratching the surface using a blade or a razor.

There are also methods of altering the nature of the deck during a poker game. Daub is a sticky material that can be taken to a game in the pockets, shoes or the socks of a player which is applied to specific cards during the game, after they are dealt. Bending the edges and corners of the paper and pinching the surface with fingernails and poker chips are also done for the same purpose.

Cheating software

This is a relatively newer method of poker cheating and it is relatively difficult for the dealers to detect as the player doesn’t require to cause any physical damage to the cards. These are devices disguised as smart phones and lighters which are usually brought into a poker table by the player. Concealed in them are a poker scanner system which will use a camera lens to read any card marked with barcode. During the game the player can casually take out the device, scan the playing hand and learn exactly which values they are.


This is a schematic strategy used by two or more players in a poker game to make the game more advantageous to them. There are various methods of cheating in this fashion and some of them are as follows. Dumping is a strategy where one player will deliberately lose to his partner so that the said partner can win a substantial amount. Signaling is where partners will communicate among each other during a game using several non-verbal methods. Soft play is where one partner will prevent from rising the bet in a situation which could’ve allowed him to earn a lot in order to prevent the other partner from incurring a loss.

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