Keeping a business running without breakdowns is no easy task and managers must overcome a number of challenges to ensure this. When directing all their effort towards maintaining market position and expanding operations, the last thing a company would want is to be burdened with the trouble of employee theft, theft of intellectual property or a criminal break-in, which will prove to be a truly time-consuming complication. Therefore, as an entity, you must do the needful to ensure your organizational complex is well secured and there is no margin for the occurrence of such an unfortunate incident. In this set eke, we will discuss about a few things that can be done to meet this requirement in an effective manner.

An office security system

The technological breakthroughs of this era have presented us with a number of impressive systems that can effectively monitor, control and prevent intrusions to a workplace at any time of the day. The technology of CCTV Singapore   based businesses are increasingly incorporating is a great way to monitor the organizational premises and keep an eye out for any unwanted activities. This can be supplemented with a motion sensor lighting system which will light up any part of the outdoor area where an intruder might step into.

An alarm system is another great way of making sure the company is safe from any other intruders and if a misinformed crook decides to break in and grab some valuables, the alarm will go on off, informing all those in the close proximity and the nearest police station, giving them a much better chance of catching the crooks before they make a run for it.

Access control

You don’t want any unwanted individuals to just waltz into your server room and view or alter any confidential information, do you?  Then you must invest on setting up an access control system through which you will be able to grant access to only a defined set of personnel and protect the organizational confidentiality and prevent the theft of sensitive information. Equip the workers with unique key cards that specify their accessibility to various parts of the premises and constantly monitor their behavior to spot any abnormalities.

An employee screening policy

A company is only as righteous as the employees they recruit. Simply hiring each and every individual who meets the professional requirements would place and entity at the risk of hiring potentially dangerous individuals who may have hostile intentions. By setting an employee screening policy in place, the HR department will be able to gather a comprehensive amount of information about each and every individual, check whether they have any criminal records and clarify the integrity of each individual.



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