The past couple of years have been plagued by various cybersecurity concerns. Your website can be breached even when it is not being targeted individually. In 2018 and beyond, web security is a major concern for consumers and businesses alike. Consumers are particularly concerned about which sites they visit, which content to download, and whether to give away their email and other personal information to a website. In this environment, it’s paramount that businesses address the security concerns of site visitors.

If your website is built using WordPress, then the site security starts with the CMS platform. There are basic security measures any webmaster can take regardless of WordPress expertise level. Here is a list of steps you can take to make sure your WordPress website is secure in coming months:

Get an SSL Security Certificate

One of the best ways to secure your WordPress site and make sure that your customers know is to get an SSL security certificate. SSL is a tool that encrypts data coming to and going from your website. SSL encryption can protect customer transactions during checkouts or subscription services. There are several types of SSL certificates a website can purchase with different levels of encryption and authentication. You can obtain an SSL certificate from a local service facilitator like

Secure the Login Page with Unique Usernames

Your website is hacked once hackers get access to the admin login page. Therefore, the very first thing you can do to secure your site is to change the admin username. Don’t use “admin” as the username because hackers will guess it. Keep both the username and password unique to minimize the risk of a hacker guessing the username and then getting access to complete settings of your site. On WordPress, you can change the login username by going to PHPMyAdmin and adding an SQL query.

Create Random Passwords

Don’t use your pet’s name as the password for your WordPress admin login page. Most of these passwords are very easy to guess for hackers. Already, several prominent accounts across various sites have been hacked because the owners used easy to guess passwords like “1234” or “star wars.” Use an online random number and letter generator to create un-guessable and highly secure passwords for the site’s most important accounts.

Do Use Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, where login involves two devices, can be annoying. Two-factor authentication usually involved typing in a password as well as a passcode sent to a mobile device. However, it will ensure that your website is as secure as possible.  It’s, in fact, one of the recommended ways to protect WordPress websites from a type of attack called brute force attacks. It refers to hackers who keep guessing and combining usernames and passwords repeatedly until they hit jackpot with the right combination. Using two-factor authentication will prevent this type of attack.

Keep in mind that hacks cannot be completely prevented. However, the above security measures would ensure that your site is not randomly attacked. The best way to protect your website from cybercriminals is to make sure it is as difficult to hack as much as possible.

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