Similar to people a company also has a birthday. It is called the anniversary instead of “birthday” but the celebrations are not reduced or varied from a grand birthday party. A celebration is a good way to get some public relations, or “PR”, and make your company known to everybody out there. If you are the PR manager or even marketing or HR manager one of your responsibilities would be to keep the name of your company “top-of-the-mind” of every stakeholder- potential employees, customers, society at large, government and much more. Throwing a big celebration for this is a good example of an intra-company event and as a head of PR there are several things you need to consider.

Managing non-performers


Similar to college or school, if you are pooled with a group of people, you might face difficulties with some. Certain people don’t do any work even if they are assigned a specific task; some do it, but stops half way through. There might be people who do not do the task, don’t know anything about it, but go to the management and act as if they did the whole thing. These types of people are very common and if you are to work in a top-rated company you need to know how to handle them. Managing a non-performer in a normal organizational scenario can itself be difficult. So when it comes to a volunteering task as planning a party it can be uncomfortable. However it is important to talk to them and set this in a righteous way rather than ignoring it.


How to go about planning the party


First, you can talk to some employees that you know are willing and able to do something. Make a plan with the “A” team and assign tasks to everyone; allocate a team leader for every task. For example, venue is taken care of by group B and door gifts by group C. Each sub group should have a leader so instead of talking to everyone in the team you can talk directly to that appointed head to get to know the situation of the task. Advice the team leader of the group where non-performers are, to have a continuing discussion with the respective person; if they accept there is a problem and are prepared to rectify it, that is good news.

Day itself


Similar to a wedding, the day itself of the party is going to be chaos. You must have agenda-men to ensure each activity takes place at the right time and order, and tick each off as it is done. They must have been advised to move on to the next activity if the relevant people for the next act according to the agenda are not present. It might be a good idea to have some communication devices between you and the clipboard guys.

If something goes wrong not only your reputation but also the company’s, is on line. Therefore make sure you plan everything right, take care of obstacles as when they arise, and guarantee a successful event.



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